Sunday, April 4, 2021



“They made up their minds

And they started packing

They left before the sun came up that day

An exit to eternal summer slacking

But where were they going without ever knowing the way

They drank up the wine

And they got to talking

They now had more important things to say

And when the car broke down

They started walking

Where were they going without ever knowing the way

Anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved in gold

And it's always summer

They'll never get cold

They'll never get hungry

They'll never get old and gray

You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere

They won't make it home

But they really don't care

They wanted the highway

They're happier there today

Their children woke up

And they couldn't find 'em

They left before the sun came up that day

They just drove off and left it all behind 'em

Leaving it all behind

But where were they going without ever knowing the way?”


“Look out your window, baby, there's a scene you'd like to catch

The band is playing "Dixie", a man got his hand outstretched

Could be the Fuhrer

Could be the local priest

You know sometimes Satan, you know he comes as a man of peace

He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue

He knows every song of love that ever has been sung

Good intentions can be evil

Both hands full of grease

You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Well, first he's in the background, and then he's in the front

Both eyes are looking like they're on a rabbit hunt

Nobody can see through him

No, not even the Chief of Police

You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Well, he catch you when you're hoping for a glimpse of the sun

Catch you when your troubles feel like they weigh a ton

He could be standing next to you

The person that you'd notice least

I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Well, he can be fascinating, he can be dull

He can ride down Niagara Falls in the barrels of your skull

I can smell something cooking

I can tell there's going to be a feast

You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

He's a great humanitarian, he's great philanthropist

He knows just where to touch you honey, and how you like to be kissed

He'll put both his arms around you

You can feel the tender touch of the beast

You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Well, the howling wolf will howl tonight, the king snake will crawl

Trees that've stood for a thousand years suddenly will fall

Want to get married? Do it now

Tomorrow all activity will cease

You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Somewhere Mama's weeping for her blue-eyed boy

She's holding them little white shoes and that little broken toy

And he's following a star

The same one them three men followed from the East

I hear that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace…”


Greetings once again my warriors – hopefully firing to you on all cylinders again tonight from the land of fitful dreams, no sleep, and much pondering. More than anything I hope this can serve as a warning for our times, and that even when we get to that promised land where all is roses and it seems we’re in the clear (and we will get there), don’t stop questioning. NEVER stop questioning. Question everything. Because there are deceptions within deceptions here, and I thought Easter Sunday might be the appropriate time to bring this up, since the world we inhabit is turning ever more to be viewed thru a biblical lens. What if all of this, everything we’ve been living thru, is only the scenery, the set-up, setting the stage in this Cosmic Shadowplay?


It’s a world where the single whispered, coded word ‘Evergreen’ can be invoked by principalities and powers to bring chaos, destruction, and ruin. (I hear that the Evergreen Suez Canal situation is related to adrenochrome shipments and child trafficking, and that the US Navy during its search has found children both alive and dead held in the containers, and that the investigation is still ongoing. WMDs were also found…) More information here as it becomes available, as always.

This is a world where the almighty COVID vaccine push by those same powers has become desperate in the extreme as one tactic after another is failing to convince an increasingly wary populace of their “good” intentions:

This is what you begin when the “carrot” of free doughnuts for life isn’t working. Keana Wen is the person talking to CNN tool Chris Cuomo, and boy, does she come with baggage: OpEds for the WaPo, CNN “Med analyst,” whatever that means, and I’ll bet you dollars to, well, doughnuts, that she’s one of those implanted CCP spies deep within our infrastructure that have been doing their thing for a while now. She also used to head Planned Parenthood. Strike, strike, and strike. That’s a hard list right there that’s as spooky as it gets; spooked up to her shifty little eyeballs in the hard biz of bringing this nation and its people down from the inside under the banner of friendship and philanthropy. Don’t you believe it – not for one minute.


So many things are passing before our eyes before we have the ability to focus on them so rapid is the machine-gun pace:

Little nuggets of truth bombs that, when focused on in isolation, explain the ways and means. And when focused on in connection with everything else, explain everything.


Things like why does Bill Gates have a specific patent 060606?

And what exactly is in HR 6666?

Why don’t we know anything about these things? Why is it ME having to tell you about them, instead of both of these factoids being front page of every major periodical in the country?

Why has NO ONE even begun to ask the first question about Bill Gates’ ties with and to Jeffrey Epstein?

I know, I know – birds of a feather and vested interests and all that…but damnit, we are far beyond crisis proportions here and now. Does anyone out there have a conscience, a soul, anymore?


Though geopolitical aspects of the situation, like the Great Reset and Agenda 2030, are more than worth considering, they are only the physical manifestations of a spiritual war.

This earth is now a battlefield for spiritual entities, and the soul of every human being is currently hanging in the balance. Satan has been very successful so far in the harvesting in this “anything goes” world, so much so that when Jesus was on the earth he openly wondered “When the Son of man arrives, will He really find this faith on the earth?” It is Satan’s obsession that He does not, and to divert everyone into following him instead.

To do such he has devised a carefully crafted perfect plan to get everyone on the globe to follow him and instill worldwide domination over all humans. This will culminate with a mindblowing final turnaround of removing all the failed national governments and instead offering the world a perfect global One-World government mimicking Christ’s kingdom here on earth where peace, prosperity, and justice and security for all will prevail. This is the Beast System, and it most certainly entails the mark of the beast for everyone.


Satan knows surely that he can’t convince anyone with what’s on offer today…the UN, the WEF, the World Bank, IMF, and all other affiliated agencies. The communist, AI, transhumanist dream of those like Schwab and Gates and Fauci, all now pushing hard the COVID psyop, is by no means the final, perfect beast system that will captivate all of humanity – although it has come close in its mind-numbing brainwashing, MKUltra 2.0 capacity. But this is a transitory one overseeing the demolition of the old world order and preparing the way for the final beast as per the hermetic principles of creative destruction and full spectrum dominance. Remember Ordo ab Chao, Solve et Coagula. This is the Luciferian mysticism of the phoenix rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Dying, ceasing to exist for a time, only to be reborn in new glory under a new identity. (Which only makes me wonder about Epstein’s ultimate fate, but I digress…)


“The wild beast that you saw was, but is not, and yet is about to ascend out of the abyss, and is to go off into destruction. And the inhabitants of the earth – those whose names have not yet been written into the scroll of life from the founding of the earth – will be amazed when they see how the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present.”  (Revelation 17:8)

A clue here:

The sea represents the mass of humanity. Satan will shed his demonic clothes to again become Lucifer, the Light bringer, and he will inspire the new beast into existence from the sea: from the will of the people. But he needs a common enemy. Aliens? Possibly. But what if the common enemy is already here: the anti-human, genocidal movements of the Agenda 2030 advocates. Satan will use us to turn on the very folks who thought they’d been serving him all along. He is, after all, the master of deceit. Like the French and American revolutions of the past, this global uprising, already growing, will wipe out the global visible power structure, including the UN. Of course, like most if not all revolutions thruout history, the whole process will be watched and controlled by the true powers lurking as always in the shadows. They will be protected, change horses at the right time, and emerge astride the miraculously reborn final Beast.


This new World government will promise everything, and pretend, for a while, to solve all of mankind’s problems. It will be so impressive that everyone will follow it. It will rend asunder the Vatican, disclosing all of its long-held secrets and plundering its riches, as foretold in Revelation 17 and 18:

The finals Truths of medicine, history and science will be disclosed; there will be a New Enlightenment. And only genuine Christians will see this all for what it is, or as Pete Townshend said: “Meet the new boss/ Same as the old boss.”

And this is where COVID and the masks and social indoctrination and the vaccine will have played a part – all a precursor, a trial run, for finally receiving the Mark. And though this could be an actual physical marking, this need not be the case…it could be just the acceptance of this final system wholeheartedly. Possibly just a signature on a paper saying you “acknowledge that the world government is the only hope for lasting justice and peace for humanity. And I submit to these guidelines.”


Understanding all this will definitely help you make sense of what we are facing today: the pressure, the ridicule, even down to the very name. Corona = Crown. The very beginnings of the “crowning” of the perfect plan put into place. The economic devastation is all a part also, as are the deaths. According to Luciferian mystical alchemy, the masses are a living substance that should undergo painful transmutation, each stage leading to a higher level of enlightenment and consciousness, until the Great Work is completed, and mankind is deemed worthy to receive the true knowledge of Lucifer. Many Masons believe this (most at the highest levels do), and everything from pre-programmed serials killers (going back all the way to Jack the Ripper btw) to mass shootings follow this mind-control logic. Enlightenment thru trauma. You are also welcome to think the JFK assassination and 9/11, because they are certainly part and parcel of this System of control also.

And here the COVID psyop weighs in along these tramlines. As it clears the way for a global change of leadership, it, thru word-of-mouth and talk on the street undermines all global authority and leadership. Politicians, celebs, doctors, law enforcement, business leaders, journalists, all who have pushed and enforced so many known lies only to keep the status quo going only to protect themselves and their status will lose their credit amoung this awakened, enraged population. They are the modern-day nobility and priest class of the French Revolution, and will share the same fate when the time comes.


Satan mimics God in his plans, and this includes his own separation of the wheat from the chaff. This entire COVID narrative is an obvious psyop for a reason: how someone reacts to the lie determines if he or she is to be accepted into the final enlightenment. Not all humans are welcome into the final Beast system. Luciferians consider large chunks of humanity to be wastes of space (useless eaters) only focused on material aspects of existence. Luciferian “illumination” is only for those smart enough and capable of spiritual growth in their eyes. The vaccines, the upcoming “green” passports, though not the biblical mark of the beast, are instead an evil precursor, a totalitarian move preparing human consciousness to accept the mark and they very well could be finally used to carry out the ultimate “thinning” of the herd.

Those enforcing the lie, those willing to compromise with it because they want to get back to “normal,” those risking their health or potential offspring for short term convenience or to evade peer pressure, all have failed this spiritual test – they have chosen the blue pill to return to a world that doesn’t exist anymore.


This Luciferian symbolism hinting at these alchemical principles and the final transmutation of the world is everywhere for those that can see it. We have severely been programmed by the MSM and all the big entertainment industry powers to welcome this revolution of the beast. The swaggering, good-hearted heroes fighting and defeating so many evil empires is now an archetype that has been repeated billions of times in film, books, television, etc. All of those with their riding-off-into-the-sunset happy endings – when it finally all happens in real life, we will all follow the script on autopilot, never knowing that, in fact, we are following the will of the Beast and the new system.

Please remember that you also have to couple all of the above with technology that they have damn near perfected now that can also implant thoughts in your head remotely – so much so that the ability to discern reality from non-reality doesn’t appear to exist anymore. This has been covered in these spaces before, but here’s more from the technical end:   



This is the Devil’s world, make no mistake. When he tempted Jesus on the mountaintop, Christ didn’t say “Hey dude, this ain’t yours to give to me.” Because he knew it WAS – that Satan had dominion here over this world and all of its possessions. He, tellingly, only said “I have one God. And it is NOT you.” Stay strong. Remember you are an eternal spiritual being experiencing what is only a temporary physical, material existence. You are not from this place and you will not stay here. Best to stay humble, work as a paralegal or a nurse, paint houses, teach school, be a farmer or a painter, than to sell your soul for shiny rocks and paper and cars and duplexes. Seek joy. In a billion years your spirit will be zooming on, and there won’t be a single Ferrari left. 

There is also this that just got uploaded to YT in high definition which, I feel, is especially important right now, or, as one person commented: I think this film is more important than we realize – and not in a good way:

We can speak more of this after all of you have watched and digested – just, some spoilers: Bobby Beausoleil (Manson!!), Marianne Faithfull, and Jimmy Page. Oh, and at the end, Aliens = Demons. Thought that would get your attention. And of course Crowley. Lots and lots of Crowley.

Here’s a version that has Page’s own soundtrack to the film for those nights when you want the blanket fort to be extra creepy: 

And when the ‘extra creepy’ is creepier than the orig one from one of the Manson killers, you know the ‘extra creepy’ is getting extra creepy indeed.

Perhaps meaning nothing, but perhaps pertaining to the above, look what just took place in Egypt – a giant, occult ritual?:

It IS resurrection Sunday after all, but, I mean, anybody know what CERN’s doing? Things are getting WEIRD out there, folks. That ancient Mummy train is like nothing that’s been unloaded on us since the Gotthard Tunnel ritual, and we all know how the world started turning after that one…The powers and principalities have also amassed plenty of energy thru the COVID culling. All of this suffering is being funneled up and redirected I have a feeling.    



I have, keep in mind, absolutely no idea if this (all of the above) is what is happening and how it pertains to everything else – but I have my doubts and my suspicions, and everything is telling me that there is much, MUCH more going on here than meets the eye. Everything, every trick in the book, in the end will be used to deceive us. We have to stand together, but we must stand together in Truth and Light, and not the false light of something meant to blind us. As I stated at the beginning – keep questioning. Always question everything. Stay hyper vigilant. Follow your heart. Nothing else matters except the search for God, and the Truth.

And on this Easter, of all days, that’s the most important thing of all:


Jesus help me

I'm alone in this world

And a fucked up world it is too

Tell me

Tell me the story

The one about eternity

And the way it's all gonna be

Wake up

Wake up dead man

Wake up

Wake up dead man


I'm waiting here boss

I know you're looking out for us

But maybe your hands aren't free

Your Father

He made the world in seven

He's in charge of heaven

Will you put a word in for me

Wake up

Wake up dead man

Wake up

Wake up dead man

Listen to your words

They'll tell you what to do

Listen over the rhythm that's confusing you

Listen to the reed in the saxophone

Listen over the hum of the radio

Listen over the sounds of blades in rotation

Listen through the traffic and circulation

Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme

Listen over marching bands playing out their time

Wake up

Wake up dead man

Wake up

Wake up dead man


Were you just around the corner?

Did you think to try and warn her?

Or are you working on something new?

If there's and order

In all of this disorder

Is it like a tape recorder?

Can we rewind it just once more?”


  1. I've said it once, I'll say it again: none of what the Left/Commies are doing right now makes sense, simply because it's the Fourth Reich that is in charge.

    The Fourth Reich has been in charge of America probably since 1947, since Operation Paperclip brought about the CIA, and we're supposed to believe the unbelievably FASCIST Deep State, still Fascist as f**k up until Biden got "elected", suddenly turned "Woke", that even the CIA and MILITARY suddenly turned Woke?!

    The Left/Commies are doing UNPURPOSE to act as blatantly crazy, incompetent and tyrannical as possible, so that the vast majority of people become desperate and radicalized, and actually WELCOME the return of Fascism in a big way.

    It's genius; they keep going like this, and people will literally be CHEERING the Nazis marching in the streets, taking out the BLM/Antifa trash.

    1. It would also explain why it's only the liberals being DISARMED right now, and why EUGENICS are being performed mostly on the liberals as well (ALL OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL), through the fake, toxic "vaccine" and the trans-gendered movement. They're even enthousiastically sterilizing *their own children*.

  2. Marinating in the information... as usual deep food for thought! Wordman do you know what is ahead and slowly walking us down the path to truth? Do you already know whats coming? Just curious... off to hit the links now... AWESOME post. Thank you!! V.V.

    1. Hmmmmm hitting the links....Golfing at 11pm? I thought I had the Bruce Wayne lifestyle down -- har har!! Perfect!! Seriously tho, I have NO idea what's coming -- just making educated guesses from a lifetime of reading, intuition, and listening to that little voice in my head. You know the one. The one that EVERY SINGLE TIME in my life that I don't I live to regret it. And I mean SERIOUSLY regret it, not just a little bit. So I've learned to trust that voice. It's there for a reason.

      And it's SHOUTNG at me right now. So I'm paying strict attention.

      How does that David Lynch, oh so pertinent Dale Cooper Twin Peaks quote go also? "When 2 separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention."
      Otherwise known as the Universe communicating with you.

      We also don't have just 2 events occurring now, we've got literally dozens, all interlacing and interlocking with each other -- it's maddening for my mind. I'm trying the Bruce Lee thing still: Be Like Water.

      Just as a matter of fact found another crazy datapoint that didn't make the deadline tonight -- that's how fast everything is getting disclosed now -- that I'll be putting up here very soon as soon as I can verify it myself and check it out. This is crazy...Thanks so much again V V

      Back to the cave!! Haha!

    2. He also said (or was it Gordon Cole?), “Let your smile be your umbrella.”

  3. Hey JB!!

    Thanks for the comments my friend -- & along those lines, I would heartily recommend 2 VERY important works by Jim Marrs: RULE BY SECRECY and THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH. Both incredibly valuable, as is all of Mae Brussels' stuff that I just passed along to none other than the above and aforementioned Vikki Vale (MxMM):

    Cross-correlate & go to town!!

  4. PS -- ditto this:

    Miss you Purple One!!

    Did you see this? I remember when we used to have a thing called phone books and they *gasp* gave the physical address too. We all need more and more surveillance systems to protect us from the bad people that hack into the surveillance system it's a never ending self perpetuating system. Simply more fearporn, though the same could be said about this blog ;) It's good to see you hitting some lighter notes, coming up out of this is hell, steal your own joy back, it's yours, you earned it with all the scars to prove it right?
    Oh yeah shiftless ghost so how does that work? ;)
    How do you know when you're talking to embodied, spirit, soul, or electromagnetic extensions of spirit or demons or Satan? Love is all that matters follow the love, wait Satan can come in the guise of love... Screw this blanket fort I'm running to my tornado closet! MOMMY! YOU GOT YOUR BIBLE?! WE'RE GOING TO NEED IT!

    I can't dance so
    Let's walk like an Egyptian!
    This Don Henley single was the first record I got, can you believe that Dirty Laundry was the B side?
    Anyway it's got a shot of this clip from the beginning of BLM very pertainent and prophetic. Spread it far and wide...

    1. Dginnster!! I LOVE that Don Henley Dirty Laundry vid showcasing all the news clips!! The priceless Al Roker face at 3:42 gets me every time!! Imprinted in my memory forever.

      & I can tell this is shaping up to be another legendary comments section already...not really sure when this all took off but now this is like U2's ZOOTV Tour every night 'round this joint!! And I love it!! Don't ever stop the madness or the traffic you guys -- we'll all get to the bottom of this yet!! Cheers mates!!

  6. Nothing to do with the post, but i wanted to post this with the last one. Everyone talking about Donnie Darko but no one mentioned the greatest scene of all. They talked about their short story and how the kids burned the money they found to send a message to the world. I'm poor but I'd love to see someone do it.

  7. Not to mentioned he challenged the teacher about fear and love. It's very reminiscent of the race war today. A lot of people don't confine to it,but they must pick a side. As a matter of fact it's extended to politics,religion, gender, etc. We can't just live and accept. We must puck a side. Scary reality my people.

  8. Nice work Wordman. Thank you!! My intuition signals are going off too. Hoping all of y'all get that heavenly protection.

  9. I find myself wondering daily if we have lost the tech to build guillotines. Lots of heads should be rolling. But here’s the thing: the worst disease facing humanity is the stupidity, apathy and laziness that now infects almost every single human in every “developed” nation. The stupidity, apathy and laziness that has people standing in line to get the jab. So, if the shot proves to be as deadly as it may well be, we could be looking at an evolutionary event in which the stupidest, most apathetic, and lazy dumbasses are wiped out. Not a terribly event, really. The fear I have is that the non-idiot crowd are facing having this poison foisted upon them. I feel that those who want the vaccine probably deserve it. It’s the idiocracy that has destroyed everything good in our world. We can blame the evil ones, but without the dummies they couldn’t get away with it. To have a democratic system, all of those who participate must take the responsibility to be informed. The idiots have ruined literally everything for everybody. The idiots have made the COVID psych a raging success. If everyone, en masse refused to participate we would have no COVID psyop. The evilists would want it because they’re evil, but the populace would go full French Revolution on them. That isn’t happening in spite of the fact that the information is out there on this glorious tube thing that some of us back in the ‘90s thought would revolutionize the world because everyone could know anything they wanted to know any time. Turns out most people don’t want to know anything. I don’t feel sorry at all for anyone who willingly queues up for this crap. But of course, they are going to do this to children as well. Those who are too young to understand what’s going on. That’s tragic and awful.

    1. As I wrote at the top, it's pretty much only the liberals being volontarily DISARMED right now, and EUGENICS are being performed mostly on the liberals as well (ALL OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL), through the fake, toxic "vaccine" and the trans-gendered movement. They're even enthousiastically sterilizing *their own children*. The Stupid are commiting suicide.

  10. Thanks to both of Coppers & KM for commenting here in the Treehouse of Terror!! & JB as always leading the pack and covering my '6'!! And YES, this is globalist totalitarian eugenics run amok. And I too wonder, KM, where the blueprints for those guillotines are! (Maybe the same place all that lost & misplaced tech that took us to the moon the first time is; same warehouse in Hanger 18, or buried in some basement lab in the Smithsonian ala Indiana Jones??) It really has all gotten ridiculous.

    All of you guys would not believe the number of what you would consider normal, rational people that come up to me at work on a daily basis and ask all giddy-like, "Have you gotten your vaccine yet??!!" Totally excited! And I'm like "No!! You're mainlining a time bomb!!" (all excited and smiling too!!) The levels of brainwashing and literal MKUltra 2.0 are freakin off the charts with this. It's unbelievable.

    The scary part is it's not like any of this information is hidden behind paywalls or unobtainable -- it's out there for all to see, and 90% of the time straight from the horses mouths themselves in their own white papers and documents...this WILL alter your DNA; it's Russian roulette if you do it. But but muh human trials....NO, YOU'RE the human trials you idiots, don't you get it? These people injecting you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what may happen to you 2-5-10-20 years down the line. None. And yet still they flock to the "cure."

    Oh, but I'm taking the J&J one, that's the SAFE which I say Oh J&J; the same J&J that knowingly sold you talcum powder for DECADES while sitting on internal documents knowing that it caused cancer? THAT J&J? Good luck with that one...SMDH.

    This has all the hallmarks of another Sv40 that was inserted into the last 50s/60s polio vaxx that even some renowned scientists of the time were warning "Well, don't be surprised if you see an explosion of soft tissue cancers down the line in 30-40 years..." Well, we didn't listen to those guys then (Oooops!) and we're not listening to their descendents now. And we're doing so at our extreme peril. And for what? Something that's 99.9% survivable. It blows my mind most utterly that we have totally lost the ability to discern the danger. As JB says, this is Darwinism at its most pointed. The film IDIOCRACY come to life.

    Stay right here over the next 24-48, because another drop is coming, with all this & lots more...Stay frosty my hepcats and kittens!!

    1. They supposedly have plenty of guillotines at the FEMA Camps.

    2. Haha!! What's my collar size again?

    3. Don't worry; they're Made in China (literally). And the guillotines have apparently been collecting dust at the camps since the 90s, so they might break as soon as they touch your neck.

    4. You’re exactly right, wordman. It so incredibly frustrating. My daughter just got a nice jab the other day. I’m sure she plans on having my grandkids poked too. I’ve. Mentioned in no uncertain terms that it’s a bad idea, but she knows better because Twitter. My parents also got it. I sat them down and made them watch videos. The evening news on the tv, which is never turned off, convinced them anyway. I’ve had people trot out the “you have to to it for the collective good” argument. I’m disgusted. They want us to go full civil war, of course, but we really do need to be looking at the French Revolution right now. The best hope is that the vaccine caused some very immediate, catastrophic problems and more people wise up. But do people wise up? Is that even a thing?

    5. Wordman, I hear what you’re saying about the vaccine questions... my partner came up with a great strategy which I started using too:

      Q: so, have you gotten your vaccine yet?

      A: I am protecting myself.

      Response: oh wow! Me too! :-)

      As usual, folks give a situation, place or thing all the meaning it has for them.

      Win win! :-D

    6. I interpret your answer as meaning that, when you are in bed with your partner, you keep a loaded gun on the nightstand, just in case. Good thinking, you can't trust some of these b*tches. ;)

    7. i was offered the vaccine through work, and i said i didn't feel right getting it before people who "needed" it!

  11. Here's a great read by a doctor. Of course he's probably not a real doctor like Fauci. (snicker)(doodle).

  12. tru3 -- you sly fox!! Kudos!
    & JB, I guess there's a reason why they call it a PAN-demic, right? Haha!! I mean, there IS a reason why the divorce rates are skyrockets in flight, & it ain't no afternoon delight, I got news...Half the population got shut in with their S.O.'s and suddenly got to really LOOKING at that person & wondering, "Who ARE you??" (Or as Petey Townshend immortalized, "Who the fuck are you??" Haha!) Of course a long-fingered blonde elemental near & dear to me got preggers, so there is that side of the eternal coin also: Sin in haste, repent at leisure!! I've learned the hard way that hate comes in many forms, & love & hate are perilously close in the cosmic spectrum. Yikers!!
    Humanity is WEIRD.

    Ralphie D!! That link is dangerously informative in the best possible way. From Sherri Tenpenny to David Martin to I don't know how many others, doctors and learned professionals from all walks of life and all corners are weighing in -- & the prognosis ain't good to say the least!! To say we've lost our collective minds would be putting it mildly. See here:

    and here:

    Thank the Lord Jesus I deal in and with a subnucleus of incredibly cool, learned, and "with it" groovy ghoulies like all of you. We Are The Resistance. Don't ever forget how important you are. In the fight to save humanity, freedom, and any notions of justice, all of you are the front lines; the spearhead. By staying true to ourselves and remaining vigilant, we ARE pushing that rock back up the mountain, & we are frighteningly close to the top &/or tipping point. Once it starts gaining momentum and going down the other side -- LOOK OUT!!

    All the powers of heaven and earth can never stop an idea whose time has come.

    1. Reading Nick Redfern's "Final Events" right now, and... wow.

      The "Collins Elite" within the Pentagon and DoD are basically like the real-life Millennium Group, complete with two opposed factions:

      One that wants to try to control the Endtimes, even if it means literally making a deal with the Devil;

      The other wants to tell the horrible truth to the public, knowing that it will cause inevitable social collapse.

      The horrible truth being that aliens are in fact demons, let into our world en masse from 1947-1952 by Jack Parsons himself, and... it's too late. Armagueddon is gonna happen no matter what. And every single human being who turns their back to Jesus and fully embraces the new Anti-Christian one world religion will be have their *souls taken from them* by those friendly little grey men when they finally show up to "save" us.

    2. Hey JB!!

      So glad you're enjoying FINAL EVENTS -- is 'enjoy' the right word?
      Redfern did a bang-up job, but essentially he was putting finishing touches on stuff that had been out there awhile, albeit in far-off corners -- Jeff Wells had this out in the summer of 2005:

      And the infamous Linda Moulton Howe had much the same story in her Glimpses of Other Realities VolII High Strangeness that was out in 1998 and is ridiculously hard to find now.

      There is also this fascinating vid where she and John Burroughs of Rendlesham infamy interview Ray Boeche, the guy that orig let the cat out of the bag so to speak, and where MUCH gets disclosed:

      All of this gets into terms and the like from uber-physicist David Bohm re alternate universes and parallel dimensions, etc, where the demonological phases with the technical and back again.
      To say that Parsons, Crowley et al were actually 'ON' to something would be understating the case greatly, as time has borne out. Did they all crack open something, a physical rift, between worlds & dimensions in the desert in the Babalon Working in Jan-Mar 1946? Far be it from me to say they didn't. As far as I'm conCERNed, heh heh, whatever they're doing at CERN is merely an updated Babalon Working protocol....

      Hey, the Beatles put Crowley (Sgt Pepper) on the cover of their most famous product for a reason!! Haha!

    3. "To say we've lost our collective minds would be putting it mildly."
      Yeah Wordman, the 1-2 punch of Trump Derangement Syndrome followed by Covid Derangement Syndrome seemed to be more than most could handle.
      Hysteria is often a contagious little beastie. Couldn't tell you why I didn't buy any of it.
      I'd love to see a study of the 30,000,000 that were allegedly infected. Are we supposed to believe that everyone of those folk didn't have a mask on?
      My weekend job is at a facility that cares for mentally & physically challenged folk. My employers were fairly inept in their response. Doing things like issuing surgical masks & telling us they were good for 5 shifts. Not enforcing social distancing during temperature checks. Switching temp checks from the relative isolation of the gym to the residences where clients lived, heightening their risk of infection. When Covid hit us most expected a high casualty rate but, in the end, only 2 clients died. Both of them had one foot in the grave & the other foot on a banana peel long before Covid even hit.
      I'd also love to see true infection numbers since it's now known that the tests are wildly inaccurate. Also love to see true death rate numbers since it's known they declared any death as being due to Covid provided the person tested positive for Covid. The media will belittle doctors who question their pandemic paradigm but they'll slavishly dwell on Bill Gates' every word as if computer knowledge & medical knowledge are interchangeable disciplines.
      Crazy ass shit to say the least.

    4. We ARE Somehow mirroring each other through time. Last summer I was freaking out about that my husband's fingers had gotten SHORTER! and he insinuated that this blew his cover. And EVERYONE was insinuating that I was pregnant but just couldn't see it BUT I WASN'T. what if were doppelgangers?

    5. Get this I saw our new neighbor, I asked my husband what she looked like and WE OBVIOUSLY SAW 2 DIFFERENT ENITITIES or people. There's limits to face blindness!

    6. It seems like something is able to change people between who they were in other lives through DNA and frequency and not everyone knows that they are switching at all. My husband's fingers are back to being longer than mine (btw) but he still looks younger than he did last year.

    7. Thus the need for MASKS!

    8. And I hadn't found your blog and was trying to avoid the internet as much as possible when everything was going weird last year.

    9. What's crazy? I've believed that I have faceblindness but is that hypnotically induced? But I know from 12 years! Of holding only one hand, it can't suddenly have fingers shorter than mine then back to longer than mine!

    10. I'm sorry WTF is wrong with me! (I did take melatonin and it didn't work, cause I was up trying to listen to U2)

      That wasn't clear at all. Is congratulations in order?


  13. I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go...

  14. Anyone else find the new AI generated Nirvana song ‘Drowned in the Sun’ a tad creepy and oh so relevant?

    1. Spartan!!

      Ermagerd!! CREEPY! Now do Jim Morrison with Prince accompanying on guitar he says excitedly!! This is like peeking around a corner to the tables in Heaven's Jungle Room!! What's next? Elvis with Bowie? John Keel & Mae Brussel slugging back shots listening to Gene Krupa and John Bonham drum-offs??!! (Keith Moon looking on jealously...) Joe Strummer & Jim Croce discussing immigrant problems? Bonham: "Did someone say 'Immigrant?!!" (Strikes up thunderous bomp beginnings to Immigrant Song...haha!)

      Dude, Heaven is gonna be a Par-Taaaay!!

    2. What I found fascinating is they chose a band who’s most famous song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ include the words:

      ‘With the lights out, It’s less dangerous
      Here we are now, entertain us
      I feel stupid and contagious’...

      The song ends with Kurt screaming..
      ‘A denial, A denial....’

      We can read into them what we like but why did they choose Cobain for the 27 club AI created song ‘Drowned in the Sun.’

      My spidey-senses then circle back to Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’ and the connection to the AT&T Nashville bombing and the message contained therein.

    3. You know my friend that had been molested as a teenager would talk about how funny it was to read all the children's books in terms of sex, most of the children's books weren't intended like that how much do subliminals only work if we put intention behind it. Because the way I thought of the song was about how when you smell things that bring back you memories of being a teenager your connecting with teenage you. I as an adult feel like I've overcome all the shame and guilt that I felt as a teenager. But if I have a strong enough memory, I can feel those emotions and laugh at what I worried about in that stage of life, yet still feel like parts of my spirit stay emotionally stuck in different painful places.

  15. Along these same lines, guys, wrap your minds around this: the entire acknowledgement of the very EXISTENCE of UFOs, from an official perspective -- and this is where it gets interesting because this is precisely what is about to happen on a massive scale -- could act as a kind of tripwire for whatever "they" are to come flooding into this plane of existence. John von Neumann admitted to this on his deathbed and was petrified at the prospects. Just listen to the first 7.5 minutes here:

    Now, given all this, are you SURE you want to know the truth? Quantum mechanics b spooky y'all, DAAAAAMN!!

    Heh heh, saith the Cryptkeeper......

  16. Ralphie D!!

    Gates (of Hell) just went from digital interfacing to meat puppet interfacing since he found something even more lucrative!! The old famous Hegelian David Icke Problem-Reaction-Solution put into practice to the tune of trillions of $$. And you know what gets me? In the recent COVID bailout/stimulus Gates got $35 billion. WHY in the name of all that is holy???!!!

  17. Btw, buying up all major swaths of US farmland, dimming the sun, what's next for Blofeld??

    1. What's next is remaking the African continents food supply chain for corporate(Bill Gates) profit.

  18. Oh, sh*t, I didn't think about that possibility, that the info being revealed to public consciousness might be the trigger. 180 days, right? It was 180 days, set in motion earlier this year, until the truth about UFOs is disclosed by the Deep State... but starting when again?

    1. Hey JB!!

      Yeah, as far as I remember it was from whenever the COVID stimulus plan went into effect upon signing I think, not when it officially goes into effect, so that would make it 180 days from last December, which would put it all having to come out at some point in JUNE:

      At least according to that. Could it be somehow "officially" postponed/delayed? Magic 8 ball says 'it is quite likely.' Assuming they can augment anything according to the whims of -- DUN DUN -- National Security, I would think. Which, if you buy into the above Strieber scenario, MIGHT not be such a bad thing...

      Those Open Doors.....

    2. OMG JB I think you're on to something that MIB/CIA/watchers/elders (revelations)/five eyes ANGELS (NEVER FORGET IF DEMONS ARE REAL THEN ANGELS HAVE TO BE!)/ has studied bringing people "into the fold" of what the WORKD IS REALLY LIKE and we've all been BOTH TAKING AND TEACHING the courses for disclosure about quantam time travel UFOs the sOUL REINCARNATION ETC.

  19. Late June I believe was the time for disclosure. Though I ascertain it was more a code towards war with Russia (and by extension China). Putin is going to address Parliament sometime in mid-April and it’s being built as ‘one too watch’.

    Whether it’ll be a space war or terrestrial, time will tell. What I find interesting is there’s a lot of talk about cloning, including this interesting piece about the cloning of King David.

    All speculation of course but as our attention is towards disclosure, Advanced Intelligence (AI) is gathering momentum. Is Byte-den one of them?

    1. Can you essentially time travel in a way if old DNA of you is cloned? If you only have memories up until a certain point and then you are cloned it would create a divergent path that the universe would need to produce twins to correct.

    2. And in order to keep your consciousness continuous (if they can do soul transfer, consciousness transfer(I don't know why I'm still saying if, after experiencing it)) so I imagine there's the sleeping and awake doppelganger, and mirror doppelganger, but if there's multiple clones and only one conscious, they would need to run continuously autonomously.
      Maybe that's the missing puzzle with Bitcoin mining, setting up systems to mine for Bitcoin correlates over to programming people to operate together to achieve certain ends but it's setting up forms of shadow beings of us. Scary thing is that they don't need our DNA to make a hologram of us. EVEN SCARIER THOUGHT we can be hynotized to believe anyone is anyone else (according to stage hypnosis (some people knowingly do an act, others legitimately get hypnotized.

  20. Aaaaaaaaaand as if on cue:

    Whitley? Do you lurk here? Haha!

  21. Of course that DOES come from Chris Mellon & Luis Elizondo, Tom DeLonge stooges & longtime foxes guarding the UAP henhouse, so likely take it with one large boulder of salt for now.....stay tuned my pretties!!

  22. Oh & Spartan, excellent catches on those Nirvana 'Smells Like' lyrics; but then again you're preaching to the choir here boy-o. You well know I think various song lyrics and subliminals contained therein actually contain every aspect of our secret, hidden history: past, present & future-time.
    Not to go all Dave McGowan on ya or anything!! But hey, the proof is in the pudding...

    1. That’s why I love your work sir. 👍🏼 You pierce through fresh ideas.

  23. HELLO we've been LEMONWACKYED! LOL

    For Dginn to drop some LSD in all our fever dreams! Take that you bad trip egregores!

  24. HELLO we've been LEMONWACKYED! LOL

    For Dginn to drop some LSD in all our fever dreams! Take that you bad trip egregores!

  25. One more relevant bit:

    The emails are part of a tranche of documents obtained by US Right to Know that show Daszak has been working since at least early last year to undermine the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute.

    The first reported outbreak of COVID-19 was in the city of Wuhan.

    U.S. Right to Know previously reported that Daszak drafted the statement for The Lancet, and orchestrated it to “not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person” but rather to be seen as “simply a letter from leading scientists”.

    EcoHealth Alliance is a New York-based nonprofit that has received millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate coronaviruses, including with scientists at the Wuhan Institute.

    Notably, Daszak has emerged as a central figure in official investigations of SARS-CoV-2’s origins. He is a member of the World Health Organization‘s team of experts tracing the novel coronavirus’s origins, and The Lancet COVID 19 Commissio

  26. “All of this gets into terms and the like from uber-physicist David Bohm re alternate universes and parallel dimensions, etc, where the demonological phases with the technical and back again.”

    It has been said that “the devil works for god too”. It pushes us home; while truth, beauty and goodness pull us toward realization of the Authentic Self.

    I have been pondering lately the writings of Rudolph Steiner. I recall that he prediction of a “spiritual vaccine” and the reports of the suppression of a “god gene” have been discussed here.

    I feel his concept of evil afoot in the world is very nuanced and perceptive; instead of a monolithic “satanic” energy, he distinguishes between Ahriman and Lucifer.

    My understanding of this? Lucifer embodies the forces of ego run amok (“nobody can tell me what to do” diversity aspect of of transgender woke culture, for example), while Ahriman represents the forces of the command control new underworld order and transhumanism (subjectively it shows up as “trust the science” and woke cancel culture gang stalking bot wolf packs).

    At the risk of reaching “above my pay grade”, it seems to me Ahriman signifies aspects of Saturn, and Lucifer might in some respects play out the archetype of Jupiter Ammon.

    But what the hell do I know?

    I wanted to share a video entitled “TO YOU: 95 YEARS FROM NOW - A LETTER FROM RUDOLF STEINER”

    A narration of an excerpt of one of Steiner s talks, it is set to “i pet goat ii” which I had never seen. The combination of Steiners words with the animation pairs seamlessly for me. I got chills!

    In the end he says, the key is expressing the vision and intuition of spiritual
    Knowledge with the fire and passion of the living embodiment of that: in other words, walking the talk.

    Like this group. You guys matter. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. When my husband noticed that I was mentally turned on (get your mind out of the gutter! Not like that!) He started talking about getting a download from Mars. And when he was sleeping one time he started talking and I asked him where he was and who he was with, he said that he was back as a child and going with some aliens, when he woke up he said he couldn't believe I got that out of him, then later seemed just as confused and wondering what it was about. That's going around. Last year we had someone call for my husband's business and then they turned around and got mad saying that they didn't, then having their whole demeanor change over and remember everything and thank me after just yelling at me. Makes you wonder how much of the population is like that.

    2. My understanding of Ahriman is that the preparations involve trapping human beings in lower and lower vibrational, ie, heavier, material density by way of, first removing the idea of spirit or anything esoteric from the culture. Scientific materialism, in other words. This is a preparation for removing all spirit and trapping everyone in the material realm, too heavy, too dense to perceive anything else, and unable to evolve beyond materiality. We are supposed to ascend to higher spiritual realms, but Ahriman wishes to stop this by creating the “eighth sphere” which will capture all, forever, in this material universe, corralled and unable to access anything higher. So, if we were, for instance to have a vaccine that removes all ability to access realms beyond our current density and we were uploaded into a supercomputer that looks likely to fill the bill. The vaccine is like Medusa. It’s meant to turn us to stone, silicon perhaps.

    3. The work with synchronicity is a direct line to anti-material processes. I’ve been working with conscious sync-generation for some time, and it’s quite possible to have a very complex conversation with the unseen by simply entering the stream of non-human consciousness through process-focused art-magic. When you engage in this way, with an ever present striving to bring beauty and harmony into expression, and an openness to the miraculous, which is only miraculous to those who have not yet plugged in, things begin to appear and to occur in ways that would seem impossible in our current sick and dreamless sleep. Syncs are the non-material world’s way of speaking in a direct and unambiguous language, which defies the scientific materialist world view on every single level. It is what Don Juan called omens. To read omens, one has only to be open and see through innocent eyes, tuned to beauty. Focus on beauty and the transcendent is of ultimate importance because a focus on darkness only hardens one’s entrapment. The thing I think we all should attempt to keep in mind is that each and every one of us need to resist, and true resistance requires not just that we see the darkness surrounding us, but that we bring forth some kind of light within our own beings. That’s what makes us inedible. In other words, we can’t let ourselves be entirely sucked into the very, very dark and scary shit that is being spread around by the boatload, but we have to also cultivate something within ourselves that is incorruptible. I guess that sounds nuts. I know it does. But I’m sticking with the nutters on this one.

    4. I should point out that this is a different flavor of synchitude than the study of the way the elites are playing at ritual in culture. That’s a good tip off to what they are up to, but opening our own lines of communication is also necessary. That’s just my two cents.

    5. I have experienced some pretty amazing synchronicity in the last 9-10 years of my life. I don't believe in coincidence and I think its the universe/God/higher power communicating with us for sure. It's a fascinating subject.

  27. Wordman! Look ar this sh*t:

  28. IF you are in Egypt a Christian or a Muslim or someone who's into reviving the Old Tyme Religion, you're going to be offended by this trucking around of corpses. It is a sacrilege to anyone who's not a hard boiled materialist or some kind of freaky occultist. And we all know which of those Zahi Hawass is. This guy was given the boot and now he's back in.

    1. PVH!!

      This all plays right in to the entire narrative that we're all just meat suits and meat puppets, inherently worthless, devoid of a soul, and looking for something 'divine' to inhabit us to give us worth in the place of the Christian God. What they ALL in this Cult adhere to and want all of us to start believing -- and fuck, it's actually WORKING I am sorry to report. Hoe else to explain the complete absence of common sense in the face of DNA-altering testing being trotted out amongst the general public under the auspices of a "vaccine." This is all absolutely ludicrous.

      More & more hardcore evidence is emerging by the hour that this is altering our dreams, our bodies, our inherent biology and physiology and yes, our souls -- right down to and past the molecular level. The alarms are going off & we're still sleeping and/or keep hitting the snooze button on our humanity. Look at what JB just posted above -- ridiculous in-your-face hardcore evidence of LIVING ORGANISMS in the test swabs, in the masks. I mean, where does this all end? And WHO is going to stop it if not us?

    2. Yeah, that is interesting... I guess he knows where ALL the bodies are buried, eh? And the tablets? ;-)

  29. Coppers & KM -- you both bring up some incredibly interesting and vital existential points: I too have heard, and fully believe, that ALL things serve the Lord, even the most seemingly wasteful and heinous here. All a part of the Masterplan that we as mortals are not yet privy to.

    But if God indeed is omniscient, then he KNEW what would happen in the creation of his favored angel and No.1: Lucifer. He KNEW that this most favored of all his children would betray Him; the one He loved most of all. Indeed lends a stark poignancy and humanity, if that can be said, to God. Just imagine the levels of heartbreak there. Probably fairly close to how WE break His heart every day with our folly and turning our back on Him. And yet He still loves us so. Seemingly more & more unrequited by the hour, but still He perseveres:

    If God had a name, what would it be
    And would we call it 2 His face
    If we were faced with Him and all His glory?
    & What would you ask if you had just one question?
    Yeah, yeah, God is great
    Yeah, yeah, God is good
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
    What if God was one of us?
    Just a slave like one of us?
    Just a stranger on the bus
    Trying to make His way home
    If God had a face, what would it look like
    And would you want to see it
    If seeing meant that you would have to believe in things like heaven
    And Jesus and the saints and all the prophets?

    Things to ponder...

    1. No lie at the exact moment you posted that I was singing it to my husband. Didn't even have the phone with me! And when you posted that song about comforting when crying, I WAS crying and was angry that my husband wouldn't comfort me. That's more than just coincidences.

    2. When everything was going weird different people were talking about mirroring mine or my husband emotions I feel like we're toys and pets to the angels.

  30. And tru3 too, surely didn't mean to leave you out of the conversation; YOU were the one that first brought it up for cripe's sake!! Haha!! For some reason that Prince version of the Joan Osbourne really hit me -- I was sitting here weeping like a little girl. Certainly not ashamed to say we should be so ashamed. SO ashamed. What are we thinking to turn our backs, collectively, on such love? I just don't understand...

    But hey, I saw this today, and love or hate the man, you've GOT to admit, God bless him, that with this act he is doing God's work here on earth...Can we all say the same?

    1. My friend got asylum from a South American country that wanted to kill him for speaking the truth and did it the right way and he went through absolute Hell in the facilities staph and MRSA was rampant, then instead of our government using his info and him as a resource he was essentially a slave for the people that had to pay off all the bribes in order to save his life what should be free or what CIA funds SHOULD BE USED FOR! I'VE had plenty of friends that have come here from other countries that have tried for years and even decades to legally get citizenship and eyery year they have to bribe all the secret societies and mafias and lawyers that run all the bureaucracy in the U.S.!

    2. Meanwhile in Iraq the CIA had so much cash floating around as to use boxes of it as BEDS! to pay the muhajadeeb

  31. Wordman, my theory about Satan: he's the spiritual equivalent of Mother Nature, and Mother Nature is cold, cruel, violent, making life as difficult as possible for us...

    It's all about "Survival of the Fittest". Satan forces us to become stronger, to prove ourselves to be worthy to get into Heaven.

    1. Is it not mother nature that CREATES EVERYTHING? this whole thing of bipolar rather than Trinity that leads to that.
      The golden rule do unto others as you would have them do into you we're all aspects of Christ's three days disconnected from the LOVE OF GOD the dark night of the soul.
      But we'll be ok we KNOW THAT THERE'S PROOF of THE SOUL!

      This is just fleeting.

    2. Wordman what happened in your life roughly 11 and a half years ago? Because I met my husband just over 11 years ago and if you go back and look 99% of the YouTube videos I posted were from eleven years ago. I got a download today about how the 3/6/9 versus 3.14/7/11.5/13 and how it all has to do with jubilee versus deal with the devil.

    3. Dginnster!!

      I just got chills!! That ONE OF US aside of you/me traveling along identical reality tramlines is OFF THE HOOK. Wow. This is ALL leading to the biggest finish in history...we all still have MILES to go before we sleep; or, should I say, wake up...

      & JB -- you betcha -- literally there is a reason for everything. & I mean EVERYTHING. Thank you sir.

      Why am I thinking tonight when I drift off it will be to Dginn, JB, Vikki Vale & me on some dimension-hopping, dreamtime-riding-shotgun double date...jumping in the back of our Pink Cadillac (crushed velvet seats!!) & blasting this as we troll the universe(s) oozing cool:

      They're forming in straight line
      They're going through a tight wind
      The kids are losing their minds
      The blitzkrieg bop
      They're piling in the back seat
      They're generating steam heat
      Pulsating to the back beat
      The blitzkrieg bop
      Hey ho, let's go
      Shoot 'em in the back now
      What they want, I don't know
      They're all revved up and ready to go!!


    4. Dginn -- 2011 all the way thru was one of those REALLY weird transitional years for me...2 things stand out big time: I fully discovered the Radiohead album/cd KING OF LIMBS which had so many weird syncs into my life it wasn't funny -- & I mean truly strange bleedthrus that had no explanation....

      And the other was an EXTREMELY rare earthquake that took place here in VA along the Piedmont ridge which concurrently had shaking take place at the EXACT same time underground near Denver and points farther West:,of%20the%20town%20of%20Mineral.

      The VA version was literally almost walking distance from my house. The weird part was the Western version took place at the exact same chronological time -- & around the exact same depth. No time for any shaking or pressure waves or slippages to travel the length of the continent. I remember MUCH conjecture at the time that these both were the "white hats" taking out Deep State DUMB facilities or some such.

      Oh, I started this blog in 2011 also -- October/November if I recall correctly. Soooooo, psychic shakin' goin on all OVER the place -- Haha!!

    5. 2011 (Feb 6) was when I died and met Pan...

  32. Dginnster -- just re-read your comment & realize I'm a year off, but 2010 was vanilla for me compared to 2011 -- have almost no knowledge of it at all except that I was in MUCHO pain for most of it dealing with a bone-on-bone no cartilage left hip issue. OUCH! That damn sport-for-a-lifetime tennis will get you very time! (They LIED to me - Haha!!)
    Of course no one had a gun to my head from ages 11-48 when I played 5 times a week mostly on cement and gobbled 3-4 Advils at a time both pre & post. (On a best buddy Doctor's advice yet!!) "Hey, you're a big dude, take 4!" Come to find out in studies years later that much actually DESTROYS cartilage! GEE, thanks Doc!!

    By 2011 I'd done stuff to mitigate it all somewhat, but like I said 2010? Not a clue.

    1. I think that it was that year the Dr said I had early onset osteoporosis in my hips and holes in the bone they said I would need hip replacements before I turned thirty. My hips have hurt me my WHOLE LIFE especially in the cold. But now SUDDENLY here I am over thirty and my hips feel better than they EVER HAVE!
      But it was also the year my grandmother died after hip surgery. Last year the mom of the RR I know died from a hip surgery.

    2. That's IT -- no hip replacements for moi. Done. Bring on the injectable cartilage or that gene they're trying to isolate from how lizards regrow their tails!! (I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong THERE......)

  33. Hey JB!! Maybe it was PAN shaking the VA countryside exactly 6 months after you met him. You PISSED HIM OFF!! Haha! Seriously, any of you guys ever been in one of those things? Seeing & feeling the supposedly solid ground beneath your feet rolling like water is MAJORLY trippy. Not something I ever care to repeat, believe me! (altho in hindsight it was kinda cool...)

    1. Back when I was a kid, there was a big one up here in Québec, transformers blowing outside, my father insisting that we hold hands and pray...

    2. When I was a kid there were transformers that blew and lit up the sky and the snow BLUE EVERYWHERE. I was with the girl who's husband tried to slit his throat with a mirror (my son saw that and was praying for them btw, and he's the son of my ex who had a guy slit his throat)
      Then I was with the girl that was calling me Ginger when I saw a huge blue meteor that fell in Tennessee. That my husband also saw while he was holding his new baby son but it would be another 11 years before we met. And then 3.5 years ago I was with my doppelganger friend and saw a big blue meteor and when I started making waves she called me saying we need to see another... My husband saw a red one in the memory I have of him seeing it but he remembers it as being with his ex wife and children) in both 2010 and 2011 we saw something that looked like an Einstein Rosenbridge With ships going through it through the telescope. Then LAST NIGHT we saw it AGAIN! only no telescope so it looked like a star swirling red white and blue.

    3. Dginn -- I saw something that looked like a shooting star with an old girlfriend back in the driveway of her house in November 1987 (back when there was a lot of similar stuff going on in Wytheville, VA) except it was traveling WAY too slow & when it reached the apex over our heads in flight it was like both of us had cotton stuffed in our was a gravel driveway and when we shifted our feet there was no crunch, no sound, nothing.
      Almost like we were encased in a vacuum of some sort. Gradually faded as it continued on in its flight, but BOY, that was weird.

      It was spherical and very golden in colour with a slight tail trailing behind it. Arthurian legend stuff I tell ya. Felt very 'chosen' for quite a long while after that. Only anomalous thing I've ever seen in the sky except the uber weirdness of Hale Bopp
      10 years later. Strange that both happened in the winter season.

    4. That's weird, my husband has a hang up about walking on snow or gravel, said he can't stand the weird cottony crunch in his ears, and feels like some past life trauma.

  34. PS -- There was definitely a pressure of some sort also -- exactly like that feeling your ears get when you dive down too fast into the deep end of the pool, or travel at altitude in the mountains (or on a plane) and you feel like your ears need to 'pop.' That was it exactly. Some very definitely a physical manifestation in the surrounding biosphere that let you know something at least partially "real" was going on. Very interesting trace evidence.

    1. I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean, that night that all my scars were burning, we drove out randomly but found a place where there had been an mock ancient Israeli town over a decade ago (maybe my boyfriend at the time actually did take us time traveling and he told me that it was a festival) but then I felt ok to go back everything stopped etc. But when we got back, we were in a weird pressurized bubble, NO SOUNDS OUTSIDE!

    2. My 5 year old son said today, that I split the universe and made 3 of me 2 of him and 4 of my daughter and infinite of my other daughter, starseed that one. BUT WHAT HAVE WE DONE?! WE BROKE THE MATRIX! LOL

    3. Weirdly, we just moved to the town that boyfriend wanted me to marry him and move to but I'd turned him down.

  35. Week 17 1/3/21 3 days before 6th
    33 54 52+2Jokers
    June 23 started something.

    The onomatopoeia of the d in Donnie Darko and the focus on Cellar door makes me think about this:

    Lower dimensional door.

    1. What in all that is HOLY IS THIS:

    2. Dginnster & everybody:

      I JUST got thru watching WHAT LIES BELOW, & lemme tell you all something: this might be exhibit #1 in my/our case that SOMETHING is trying to make its way here...something is in the process of trying to take over/influence all life on this planet. Call it the return of the Anunnaki, the Nephilim, fallen angels, another form of existence, what have you, but SOMETHING is guiding and forming the social, technological and spiritual parameters of those in power, here, NOW, to indoctrinate the entire human race that this is happening, & it's ALL AROUND US, from entertainment to politics, to medicine, to technology to making sure all of humanity is physically ALTERED with the COVID vaxx -- this is mindboggling.

      The spiritual plane is reverberating with this right now, and the overall message is as clear as clear can be. This is a war and we are under attack. I only wish I could say things like WHAT LIES BELOW are just a simple little horror flick with no underlying ramifications -- unfortunately and from everything I see all around me 24/7, NOTHING could be further from the truth.

      Something wicked this way comes....& the veils between are getting thinner by the hour.

      I'll be having MUCH more to say about this in a Sunday night Emergency Transmission at Midnight or earlier. Batsignals to the fore....

    3. I'm getting archetypal news stories that match my family involving death again. I don't know what to do about it

  36. Along those same lines of what I was getting at before (above) and for sure for all of this Midnight Crew here -- here's another one in heavy rotation on Netflix:

    You have been warned...

  37. W was it worth watching?

    1. Gold in Africa ;) but I don't think it's all bad, it's fulfillments of prophecies!

    2. Absolutely priceless comment:
      "You're not trusting the plan Sessions needs the gold to trade with the Annunaki for Hillary's e-mails 2 more orbits of Niburu."

    3. Dginn!!

      BOTH What Lies Below & Block Island Sound are BEYOND worth watching into other realms entirely....& both speak to much of what is happening on many levels in the world today.

      Forces are being captured in the middle of breaking thru & are trying to tell us something about the human condition changing, or being altered.

  38. Or is that ALTAR-ED?? Heh heh.

  39. Lol want a mindmelting laugh, read through all the comments as if your a Dr watching people in a psych ward thorazine shuffling past saying this stuff calling "holy water!" "Are the chickens ok" "we're in hell!" "Lower dimensional door" "batsignals away!"

    1. HAHA -- almost spit-take ruined my keyboard over that!! OMG you're freakin hilarious!! Reminds me of the comment, can't remember who it was now, a famous anthropologist, who said that centuries from now, historians will uncover remnants of this civilization & think we were all lunatics, walking around talking to no one with cockleshell earpieces -- bluetooth -- and holding these weird devices in our hands that we keep hitting!! Haha!
      All ready for the asylum!!

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    1. Thank you but I think we've got MORE THAN ENOUGH ILLUMANATI agents pounding down our doors begging us all to join them! They can't even keep track of each other!

    2. Now open up hun it's time for your Thorazine! Who's a good boy!

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    1. On second thought, maybe I'll take that number, I got some major bones to pick with them!
      First up where's my mansion?!j/k


  42. Mxmm is the power out there? I can't find anything recent, so maybe I'm listening to something pre-recorded that they shut off power again for wildfires.