Saturday, November 21, 2020


Hey guys!!

Heard of this bombshell a couple of hours ago and have been confirming since then that Pennsylvania in the last few hours has determined by their legislature that the election will not be subject to a recount there but a FULL AUDIT that will not be complete until February.

From everything I can ascertain this means subtracted electoral votes, by definition, for Biden, and that even the holy prophets of the MSM will have to take that "President Elect" title away from his name. Not sure what he's going to do with that newly minted "Office of the President Elect" now.

This also gives the Trump legal team ample time to collect additional evidence of widespread fraud, solidify a case even more, protect witnesses, and in general blow the entire DNC away -- as JFK once threatened to do to the CIA: break it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

It remains to be seen exactly how the MSM is going to spin THIS one -- it ought to be entertaining at least to watch the psychological backflips incoming. 

Multiple sources for this one: (lest I be accused of FAKE news...)

This last Pennlive link spells out quite clearly that this full audit must be completed before results can be certified; ergo, no certification = no President can be named until then, so say bye-bye to that January 20 historic date. 

I am also given to understand -- although much info is still fluid and changing as these are now historic precedents being set continually -- that if that January 20 date comes and goes with no certified President, then it goes to a 1-vote-per-state runoff. And we all know who that favors. 

I also understood in researching the PA audit news, that Michigan was very close to doing the exact same thing; and then lo and behold what news comes in but this, like clockwork:   

YES, despite the MSM trying to convince us to the contrary, Michigan is also now back in play.

All of this news comes amid my own research and dot-connecting that is turning up some rather HUGE and ominous confluences and bedfellows that will surprise all of you in the extreme. Am still working on this and will be getting all of these findings to you in short order as soon as they all are finalized, likely by Thanksgiving day as it looks right now, so stay tuned my friends for a little spooky with your turkey. And believe me, COVID runs into election fraud runs into a coup runs into the occult, as so very much more.  

These are historic times we find ourselves in currently. So many appear to be anxious, depressed and nervous, and with good reason. But me? I'm EXCITED. We are right in the middle of those accelerated days that Alex Jones used to speak of -- when more happens in 8-10 weeks than has happened in the previous 6-8 years. We indeed stand at such a juncture. 

The long-running and unparalleled yoke of tyranny, fraud, corruption and plain downright evil that has been hanging over all of our heads for the whole of our lives is finally coming apart. Big Pharma, Big Tech, Voting scams, Elite deviance on a grand scale, it's all imploding before our eyes as tens of millions of awakened souls (all at the same relative time miraculously) are deciding to put an end to the filthy status quo once and for all. The shadow America that has been in place since they shot JFK in broad daylight is being exposed like a vampire smoking in the rays of the dawn's light.


Did you see this epic exchange between a righteously pissed-off Hawley and a mewling  Zuckerberg? 

And this now 42 year old song? It feels right on time. Keep pushin', my friends. Keep pushin'. 

The momentum is now enormous and self-fulfilling. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Back soon.  


  1. OH how I WISH a reporter, a REAL reporter, would ask Kamala Harris:

    "If you're so certain you've won, as you keep saying you and Biden have, then WHY HAVEN'T YOU RESIGNED AS SENATOR YET?"

    Also, Trump yesterday revealed a very important truth, he said the reason he didn't withdraw all of the troops from Afghanistan over the last four years is because *it's the Pentagon and the CIA who decide foreign policy*, not the President. Holy shit, first man in the White House since Eisenhower to admit the powerlessness of the Oval Office as opposed to the military-industrial complex.

  2. The Biderman Report of 1956 and Covid-19

  3. Further "head's up" about the "vaccine":

    Karl Denninger over at The Market Ticker went through all the "fineprint" of sorts of this ridiculous "Warp Speed" rush to commercialize the first vaccine. They ALL contain PRIONS, for fuck's sake! Karl doesn't appreciate "tin foil hat" conspiracy stuff, but I'll say it right here: THIS, the PRIONS, is the fucking reason their vaccines need to be kept at 94 degrees below zero, like a bio-weapon should, since prions are the cause of MAD COW DISEASE, as well as the APOCALYPTIC BLEED-OUT PLAGUE from the "Millennium" series!

    1. Hey JB!!

      So much is happening re the MIC -- I think in the coming days you and we all are going to see that Trump has been protected/shielded by a rogue faction within that complex from the get-go. If not, I strongly think with all arrayed against him he may have been taken out before now. (& I know there have been attempts...)

      So many of us, you included, have recognized for a long time that a recognizable evil has come to earth, but this is a 2-sided battle. Maybe the other side has decided it was finally time to enter the field of play. How else can we account for the number of "once in a lifetime" events (include the 2016 election itself) going on over the last 4 yrs? Many hands, many mansions all around us my friend. Many eyes are on the sparrow.

      Far more erudite folks than meself (CK & VISUP to name but 2) have sung the glories of Millennium but I'll say again that I think it & not XFiles remains Carter's masterpiece. Time & again in the comments here I've maintained that Carter was plugged into heavily inside gov't sources, as standout eps like Sense & Antisense and Skull & Bones prove in spades. Those 2 and so many more in the Millennium arc play out like mini feature films, with often much more to chew on than most major Hollywood releases.

      Carter's last to date other than the constant XFIles rehash has been the Amazon pilot THE AFTER, seen in its entirety here:

      Hastily dropped by the Bezos machine -- I've often wondered why?
      A little too close to home/prophetic perhaps?
      There was ALREADY one Lone Gunmen pilot that predicted 9/11 chapter & verse months before the fact....perhaps one more might've been getting a bit too....Spooky. Heh heh!

      In any event, THE AFTER now seems ominous in the extreme, and strangely eerie. As for the apocalyptic playing out of the end of sea 2 of Millennium...take a look around. The combo platter of high tech bio-tech doomsday scenarios of Millennium, along with its supernatural component, wedded to an even further ramping up of that supernatural in The After, and you get a striking amalgamation of -- well -- just look out any window. You're soaking in it.

      As a matter of fact headlines are breaking just today from the most prominent Trump legal member illustrating just this point, & will be a big part of my T-Giving free-for-all...

      Back in 5 days -- be wary til then; & keep watching the skies.

  4. Trump Tells GSA To Allow Biden Transition To Proceed "In The Best Interest Of Our Country"

    by Tyler Durden (Zerohedge)

    Mon, 11/23/2020

    In what is the closest words yet to a concession, President Trump has agree to let GSA proceed with the Biden administration transition. In a pair of tweets, Trump noted:

    "I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA."

    Trump added that the election litigation battle continues...

    "Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail!"

    But, he will allow the transition to proceed...

    "Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same."


  5. Rather than some big revalatory coup in which the deep state is hauled off in tumbrels, it's more likely that the Biden Administration will be subject to death of a thousand cuts as its very anemic public support drains quickly away. Biden has already sent strong signals he intends to go to war on behalf of even the mos trivial Isreali interests (Does Syria really pose any threat to the Empire of the Neo-Hebrews? Iran? Really?) As these vote audits reveal chicanery, support will build for the next Republican contender. Probably someone like Cruz, who is younger and has joined Trump's camp.

    1. Right over the target as usual PVH!!

      Your first sentence reminds me of that recent ONION article: "Jubilant Reaction to Trump Defeat Soured by News of Biden Win." Haha! Leave it to those guys.

      I DO know 78+ million aren't exactly going to embrace or even recognize Biden any more than the incessantly mewling hordes did Trump over the past 4 ridiculous years that was nothing but a non-stop stream of Russia Russia Russia/Stormy Daniels/impeachment/Steele dossier/Kavanaugh blah blah blah.

      We've de facto got 2 entirely diff countries locked up together on one continent now. It's like a scorpion and a rattler in the same terrarium, and they're both pissed off and hungry. Trump as ever remains the wild card: does he invoke the Insurrection Act?
      (certainly within his rights to do so.) Does he create his own platform to effectively launch a "shadow government" outside the conventional system? Just read that over 75% of current Republicans would follow him if he created his OWN party!!

      Do the Supremes nullify the entire election such is the scope of the scam/Coup? Something tells me we have MILES to go before January yet...

      Come on back to these parts tomorrow sometime after midnight -- got some stuff that'll blow your mind!!